RegexBuddy Screen Shots: Learn, Create, Understand, Test, Convert, Use, And Save Regular Expressions

Easily Create and Edit Regexes with The Regex Tree and Regex Building Blocks

Analyze, understand and study regular expressions with RegexBuddy

Learn how RegexBuddy enables you to quickly understand regular expressions

Easily create regular expressions with RegexBuddy’s regex tree and regex building blocks

Find out how RegexBuddy makes it easy to create or write regexes

Safely Test and Debug Regular Expressions

Verifying with RegexBuddy that a regular expression is correct

RegexBuddy shows you exactly how a regular expression finds its match, and why it works the way you want or doesn’t

Learn how you can avoid risk by testing and debugging regexes

Compare How Different Applications Interpret a Regex

Comparing a regex between all versions of Perl from 5.8 through 5.18

Find out how to compare regexes between applications

Convert Regular Expressions Between Different Applications

Converting a regex from C# to Delphi

Learn how to convert regexes between applications

Use and Implement Regular Expressions

Using regular expressions with Visual Basic.NET

Read more about programming efficiently with RegexBuddy’s code snippets

Collect, Save and Reuse Regular Expressions

RegexBuddy’s vast regular expression library

Find out more about RegexBuddy’s regex libraries

Search and Replace through Files and Folders

Search (and replace) through files and folders with RegexBuddy’s built-in GREP tool

Check out RegexBuddy’s built-in GREP

Let RegexBuddy Make Regex Easy for You