Contact RegexBuddy’s Developer and Publisher

RegexBuddy is developed and published by Just Great Software Co. Ltd.

For the latest information on RegexBuddy, please visit the official web site at

Before requesting technical support, please use the Check New Version command in the Help menu to see if you are using the latest version of RegexBuddy. We take pride in quickly fixing bugs and resolving problems in free minor updates. If you encounter a problem with RegexBuddy, it is quite possible that we have already released a new version that no longer has this problem.

RegexBuddy has a built-in Forum feature that allows you to easily communicate with other RegexBuddy users. If you’re having a technical problem with RegexBuddy, you’re likely not the only one. The problem may have already been discussed on the forums. So search there first and you may get an immediate answer. If you don’t see your issue discussed, feel free to start a new conversation in the forum. Other RegexBuddy users will soon chime in, probably even before a Just Great Software technical support person sees it.

However, if you have purchased RegexBuddy, you are entitled to free technical support via email. The technical support only covers the installation and use of RegexBuddy itself. In particular, technical support does not cover learning and using regular expressions. The online forum does have a group devoted to learning regular expressions though.

To request technical support, please use the Support and Feedback command in the Help menu. This command will show some basic information about your computer and your copy of RegexBuddy. Please copy and paste this information into your email, as it will help us to respond more quickly to your inquiry. If the problem is that you are unable to run RegexBuddy, and thus cannot access the Support and Feedback command, you can email You can expect to receive a reply by the next business day. For instant gratification, try the forums.

If you have any comments about RegexBuddy, good or bad, suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to send them to our technical support department. Or better yet: post them to the forum so other RegexBuddy users can add their vote. While we cannot implement each and every user wish, we do take all feedback into account when developing new versions of our software. Customer feedback is an essential part of Just Great Software.

Where to Buy (More Copies of) RegexBuddy

To buy a single user or site license to RegexBuddy, please visit for a complete list of current purchasing options, and up to date pricing information. If you already have a license but want to expand it to more users, please go to If you have any questions about buying RegexBuddy not answered on that page, please contact