Forum RSS Feeds

When you’re connected to the user forum, you can click the Feeds button to select RSS feeds that you can add to your favorite feed reader. This way, you can follow RegexBuddy’s discussion forums as part of your regular reading, without having to start RegexBuddy. To participate in the discussions, simply click on a link in the RSS feed. All links in RegexBuddy’s RSS feeds will start RegexBuddy and present the forum login screen. After you log in, wait a few moments for RegexBuddy to download the latest conversations. RegexBuddy will automatically select the conversation or message that the link points to. If RegexBuddy was already running and you were already logged onto the forums, the conversation or message that the link points to is selected immediately.

You can choose which conversations should be included in the RSS feed:

In addition, you can choose how the conversations that you want in your RSS feed should be arranged into items or entries in the feed: