Text Cursor Configuration

You can access the text cursor configuration screen from the text layout configuration screen by clicking one of the Configure buttons in the “text cursor appearance” section.

Text Cursor Configuration

Existing Text Cursor Configurations

The Text Cursor Configuration screen shows the details of the text cursor configuration that you select in the list at the top. Any changes you make on the screen are automatically applied to the selected cursor and persist as you choose different cursors in the list. The changes become permanent when you click OK. The cursor that is selected in the list when you click OK becomes the new default cursor.

Click the New and Delete buttons to add or remove cursors. You must have at least one text cursor configuration. If you have more than one, you can use the Up and Down buttons to change their order. The order does not affect anything other than the order in which the text cursor configurations appear in selection lists.

RegexBuddy comes with a number of preconfigured text cursors. You can fully edit or delete all the preconfigured text cursors if you don’t like them.

Selected Text Cursor Configuration

Type in the name of the text cursor configuration. This name is only used to help you identify it in selection lists when you have prepared more than one text cursor configuration.

In the Example box you can type in some text to see what the cursor looks like. The box has a word in Latin and Arabic so you can see the difference in cursor appearance, if any, based on the text direction of the word that the cursor is on.


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