Integrate RegexBuddy with Your Favorite Applications

RegexBuddy is designed to be used as a companion to whatever software you use regular expressions with. Such applications include search tools, text editing and processing tools, programming and development tools, etc. Whenever you need to write or edit a regular expression while working with those applications, RegexBuddy pops up to provide assistance, and disappears when you finish editing the regex.

Though you can easily start RegexBuddy yourself, and copy and paste regular expressions between RegexBuddy and the other software you use, integrating RegexBuddy with that software makes your workflow much smoother.

Command Line Interface

Many applications are able to run external tools, such as RegexBuddy, and pass command line parameters. Add RegexBuddy to your software’s Tools menu and use RegexBuddy’s special command line parameters to automatically transfer regular expressions via the clipboard.

You can do this in a minute, without any programming. Even this basic level of integration makes working with RegexBuddy much more enjoyable, just like using RegexBuddy makes working with regular expressions more enjoyable.

Windows COM Automation Interface

The command line interface can only automate things on RegexBuddy’s side. Obviously, RegexBuddy cannot intrude in the space of the applications you use RegexBuddy with.

If you develop your own regex-capable software for Windows, or if you use an application that has a scripting interface or API, use RegexBuddy’s COM automation interface for full control. Add a “RegexBuddy” button or menu item to your applications, for instant access to RegexBuddy. RegexBuddy in turn will show a “Send To <application>” button to instantly send the regex back to the application you are working with.

Our own products PowerGREP, EditPad Pro and AceText provide this level of integration. Watch a video to see the PowerGREP-RegexBuddy integration in action.

RegexBuddy’s COM interface is very simple, and is compatible with any development tool or scripting environment that supports COM. Two sample applications with complete source code in C# (.NET) and Delphi (Win32) are included with RegexBuddy itself. The interface is fully described in the help file and manual.

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“Just a quick note to say that RegEx Buddy (and its companion PowerGREP) are programs that pay for themselves over and over again. Between them, they make many complex tasks trivial and I just keep finding new uses for both. Keep up the outstanding work.”
— Ralph Friedman
  12 October 2006, Austria

“RegexBuddy is exactly the extra tool I needed. It takes away my uncertainty as a regex (PowerGREP) user.

“Regexes are extremely powerful, but RegexBuddy shows quite well that their complexity can be tamed without degrading their performance!”
— Vincent Vercauteren
  5 May 2004, Belgium

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