RegexBuddy Testimonials What The People Say

Feedback about RegexBuddy 4.x

Russell Coombe

“As a freelancer who gets asked to solve lots of different problems, software like RegexBuddy are truly amazing. It’s very flexibility and really well designed. For example, I have to extract large word lists from websites and then cull that data to create specific lists for our educational software. I also have to review massive SCORM logs and filter the data to more manageable chunks and I have to take columns of values from our database queries and reformat them to use in more specific queries. All of this and more have been made easier and quicker with your software.”

“Features like creating my own library simply make regularly tasks easier and Ctrl+Scroll in all the different panels means no more mistakes reading or editing tiny characters. All this and I’m improving, and make better use of, my regular expressions when writing JS or MySQL queries thanks to the way the software teaches and guides you to the correct solution.”

6 January 2023, United Kingdom

Thomas Waterloo

“I’ve been using both PowerGREP and RegexBuddy on a near daily basis for many years. Really awesome and powerful stuff you’ve created."

2 January 2021, Illinois, USA

Russ Tanner

“Absolutely awesome software. So helpful when building regular expressions, well thought out, amazing attention to detail. Such a time-saver. Thanks!”

3 December 2019, Maine, USA

Mikko Laiho

“RegexBuddy 4 is an amazing tool for working with regular expressions! Earlier composing regular expressions was a PITA but now a breeze without going around try and fail circle several times.”

6 November 2018, Finland

Clay Cundick

“Learning regular expressions thoroughly with RegexBuddy has been one of the most useful computing things I’ve ever done. And though I’m getting very fast with 90% of the regexes I do, there always seems to be one that I still want to paste into RegexBuddy to find quickly what error I made.”

31 December 2016, Utah, USA

Amir Khamis

“I have been advertising your product all over the place and I hope you will get new users. We use RegEx at Splunk extensively and your product makes my life super easy.”

27 October 2016, Michigan, USA


“I’ve been one of RegexBuddy’s many rabid fans for a while now. Simply put, RegexBuddy may be the only program you’ll ever need to create and test your regular expressions, whichever programming language and regex engine you use.”

“I set out with the goal of writing a thorough review of a product I know intimately. A week later, I ended up with something that feels more like a second manual.”

1 November 2016, Earth

Joel Bodenmann

“I’m just starting with regex which is the main reason for my interest in RegexBuddy which turned out to be a huge help so far. ;) We also managed to write our custom code generator. RegexBuddy really is an impressive piece of software. Please keep it up!”

“As we are deeply impressed by RegexBuddy we also want to give EditPad Pro a shot.”

14 March 2016, Switzerland

Shaun Davidson

“I don’t usually email people saying ‘thanks’ out of the blue, but after years of using your software I thought I would. Just finally picked up PowerGREP. Have used RegexBuddy for many years, bought a long time ago after reading Mastering Regex from O’Reilly.”

“I am proud to support someone like you. You’ve indirectly helped me, by giving me great tools to use on Windows, and also by being one of those long-standing people / companies that have stayed true to building hard-core developer utilities and serving the developer community that I respect. You all rock.”

28 January 2016, Oregon, USA

Owen Duffy

“Just downloading the latest update for RegexBuddy, I thought I would drop you a note of thanks and well done.”

“I have used it for some years, and it has been good value, and I often recommend it to others (especially correspondents writing about my blog articles and asking ‘how did you do that’… well even power RE users find RegexBuddy very productive and dummies more so).”

2 July 2015, Australia

Graham Douglas

“As a licensed user of RegexBuddy and RegexMagic I just have to write to you to say what fantastic tools they are. I use them daily and they save me hours of work. I also put up a short blog post in praise of these tools. Thanks for writing such superbly designed and engineered software!”

6 September 2014, United Kingdom

Jason Wells

“I installed RegexBuddy after spending about two hours trying to figure out why my .NET code was throwing an exception saying that my regex had too many ‘)’s. The actual problem was that I had started a comment with (#? instead of (?# several lines previously. RegexBuddy, of course, would have made that clear in about one minute (as I verified after installing it). I also like that it automatically adapted its display colors to my High Contrast Black setting.”

15 April 2014, Washington, USA

Daniel Maltarollo

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tools and your good support. I’m a proud user of licensed copies of EditPad Pro and RegexBuddy and it’s always really nice to see your commitment to these tools and get constant and relevant updates. Thank you for your great support.”

24 December 2013, Brazil

Joshua Coppersmith

“RegexBuddy is to regex what the pocket calculator was to arithmetic. And the painstaking improvements in ‘flavors’ is admirable.”

18 September 2013, Kansas, USA—later:

“This is one of those very rare programs that makes me laugh—a different sort of laugh, that shake your head and grin laugh—for the mysterious reason that is a combination of intrigue for the subject and respect for those articulating it. Having studied Jeffrey’s book I thought, ‘Ok, now…gasp…it’s time to start using all this.’ But with RegexBuddy I have basically no fear. Oddly, not because the program ‘does it for me,’ (even with RegexMagic) but because I can co-discover with the program what I’m trying to say ‘in Regex.’ Thus, I play, I learn. I need a regex for a meta function on a website, I learn. It is to regex what the best language learning courses are to natural language.”

“I guess I gotta say using this is something of a thrill. And for my part, much safer than roller coasters.”

2 November 2013, Kansas, USA

Samuel Marshall

“RegexBuddy was the only reason I started using Wine. After switching to Linux from Windows several years ago I swore I’d only use software that can run natively on Linux but I couldn’t find another alternative that came even close to this one so I had to renege on that commitment.”

28 April 2022, Ontario, Canada

Marc Hankin

“I’m not a programmer and I am very difficult to satisfy because I have been working on PCs and getting tech support for my macro programming as a lawyer since 1982, seeing the worst and the best. PowerGREP, RegexBuddy and EditPad Pro never‎malfunction, the possibilities for customization are enormous, and the programming tech support JGsoft gives is in a class by itself. The most striking aspects of the support are the exceptionally high level of knowledge, and the generosity of the ‎staff in answering questions. I thank my lucky stars for finding JGsoft, now hope to become a junior level professional Python programmer when I retire from law.”

22 October 2020, California, USA


“I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I love PowerGREP & RegexBuddy. Your flexible design to allow such diverse usage is unparalleled and much appreciated. I also greatly appreciate your direct support through the forums.”

16 November 2018, Australia

Marty Pinter

“I have used RegexBuddy for a few years now and really love it. Moreover, I find that the regular expressions tutorial and reference book is better than anything else I’ve been able to find.”

13 March 2018, Georgia, USA

Richard Collins

“The more I use RegexBuddy, the more I like it. The examples in the help file are starting to make sense. I have a folder of samples to work from. The GREP gives me immediate feedback.”

“The copy to (various formats) and paste from (various formats) is extremely helpful. And ’Use’, since I have a hard time remembering the syntax for each environment. This feature really locks down my transfers so I am not making small typos during transcription. Little things like that mean a lot when you are very tired. Lots of useful features.”

14 November 2016, Texas, USA

Walter Pelowski

“RegexBuddy saves me from the one of the things I hate the most, remembering syntax. I can usually get 75% of the way there in writing a regular expression by hand, but I’ve got better things to keep in my head than to remember the syntax for creating a positive or negative lookahead or lookbehind. Additionally, RegexBuddy’s ability to translate regular expressions into the syntax for multiple languages and Regex flavors saves a lot of time. I also love the ability to create my own libraries of commonly used regexs so that I can save time in the future. The feature that makes the most difference to me however is the ‘Test’ tab. In creating a regex, it’s almost more important that I don’t overmatch, than undermatch and the ability to test my regexs against a representative dataset helps me to feel confident I did things correctly. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!”

22 August 2016, Michigan, USA

Kai Jaeger

“First I bought your two RegEx related application, now I have donated 50 EUR. That tells you how much I value your work.”

“I am an experienced programmer, freelancer since 1980 and still very much active. I never had any use for RegEx beyond some very basic stuff which I grasped by googling without really understanding what I was doing.”

“Recently I needed some sophisticated RegEx expressions, and for that, well, surprisingly it turned out that I really need to understand what I am doing. With your [products’] help I mastered that relatively quickly.”

“Mastering the job I mean, not becoming a master of RegEx expressions. That will probably take a bit longer. ;)”

21 March 2016, United Kingdom

Ken Sturgeon

“I have owned RegexBuddy for some time now and there is rarely a day that goes by in which I don’t use it. The more I use it the more convinced I am that it is one of the best tools that I’ve ever purchased. Thanks for a great product.”

3 September 2015, Missouri, USA

Hubert Münst

“I am using RegexBuddy. The documentation of the software is excellent! Many excellent software is poorly documented. In the case of RegexBuddy both the software and the documentation are excellent.”

16 January 2015, Switzerland

Paul Nystrom

“I have used RegExBuddy and EditPad Pro for years. Yes, there have been occasional bugs. Jan (and the user community) have always been very responsive and helpful.”

“What I find, much more often, is that I am amazed at the power and flexibility of these tools. Jan has done a fantastic job of anticipating my needs and building those features before I need them.”

“I use a wide variety of tools—both purchased and open-source. Jan has provided the best support of any of them and I really appreciate the ‘one person’s design’ of the tools.”

1 May 2014, California, USA

Janko Heilgeist

“I bought PowerGREP and RegexBuddy in January to use them at my workplace. I work as a software engineer and have used both tools about once or twice per week since: PowerGREP to collect and analyze pieces of legacy code and refactor repetitious structures; RegexBuddy to rewrite and convert complex regular expressions. Both tools have saved me lots of hours of manual searching and rewriting of code or debugging regular expressions. I love them!!”

25 February 2014, Germany

Daniel Marohn

“My done code so far can be clearly divided into pre and post RegexBuddy times. I knew all about regexes before and used them if needed, but without RegexBuddy, debugging took longer than writing code. After buying RegexBuddy I use regexes wherever useful, reduce code and finally have time for real business logic.”

7 February 2008, Germany—5 years later:

“I bought RegexBuddy 5 years ago. I think there are less than 30 working days than since, that I did not use it. I got all the free updates/bugfixes over the years and finally asked myself: WHY? I was more than willing to pay for updates after two years or so but it was always free. This is really fair and best practice for consumer satisfaction.”

“As a coder I know that a software is never ‘finished’. But I always thought that regexbuddy 3 is as closed as possible to this state. When I got your mail about version 4 I was surprised. You really managed to add THIS lot of valuable things under the hood; leaving the interface intact—I am really impressed. Coding is one thing, concurrently knowing about UX a complete other.”

1 August 2013, Germany

Feedback about RegexBuddy 3.x

Dave Nunn

“This is a really fantastic tool for developing Regular Expressions. I love the visuals in debug mode, and it has helped me redesign my regexes to make them much more efficient. This is well worth the $40 license fee and I would recommend this software to any developer.”

16 July 2013, New York, USA

Bas De Bolster

“I’ve had RegexBuddy since 2009 and I’ve been using it off and on. Always saving me massive amounts of time, so I thought I’d let you know. For today I ran into another time consuming problem where RegexBuddy came through once again. Thanks for an excellent piece of software.”

22 August 2012, The Netherlands

Colin Bowern

“With RegexBuddy I have become a regular expression ninja - there is nothing I can’t parse. It has helped me to fall in love with the power of regular expressions and create new expressions in very little time. I have used the output in .NET, PowerShell, JavaScript, and more. This is an *essential* tool for any developer or systems administrator.”

15 December 2011, Canada

Robert Bartlett

“Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome piece of software. One day after I bought it I’m already cranking regexes far beyond anything I’d done before—and best of all, understanding them, thanks to you. Excellent job.”

12 January 2011, Arizona, USA

Michael Clark

“I use it almost every day. It’s like an IDE for the miniature and extremely handy regular expression ‘programming language’. :-)”

“One of the things I like most about having RegexBuddy around is I’ve noticed I’ve started using regex for more and more tasks that I wouldn’t otherwise have employed regex for. It ends up saving me time and I learn more about how to use regex creatively every time I do it.”

26 August 2009, Colorado, USA

Joris Vincken

“I bought RegexBuddy a few months ago, being a bit reluctant about creating those complex regex queries.”

“I have to say that I am truly amazed by the program. I now solve complex tasks fairly quickly with it. It definitely delivers what it promises and makes regex as easy as it can be. I use it almost on a daily basis now and it makes my life as a PHP programmer much easier.”

24 September 2006, The Netherlands—almost 3 years later:

“I’ve been using RegexBuddy for almost three years now and just wanted to send you an email to say how amazing it is. It really makes my life as a programmer much easier. Before RegexBuddy regular expressions where something I tried to avoid. Now I always try to use them before trying other more complicated solutions.”

“In fact, it is the only program that I still run on Windows (apart from IE for testing websites). I would love an OS-X version (would buy it instantly), but for now it works fine in Parallels on OS-X.”

29 July 2009, The Netherlands

Elijah Taylor

“Just purchased EditPad Pro and RegExBuddy after using them both for years at work. I’ve been laid off and am now venturing off on my own, so it was a no-brainer to pick up both of these great products to help me!”

“Thanks for making great software.”

17 April 2009, North Carolina, USA

Scott Hillman

“I have been using RegexBuddy for some time now, and I just wanted to thank you for this great product! I work as a web developer and I find uses for it almost every day. It makes creating, testing and using regular expressions so easy that it finally makes using them practical. I tried other regular expression builders/testers before purchasing RegexBuddy, but nothing else can even come close.”

17 March 2009, Utah, USA

Kurt Seidensticker

“I just wanted to say, I really liked your tool. We spent around 4 hours attempting to develop a regex expression for our code before purchasing your tool, and then within 15 minutes of using your tool, we solved our problem.”

23 July 2008, Illinois, USA

Steven Sims

“I’m really happy with my purchase of RegexBuddy. It works great, has an easy to use interface, and offers greater functionality than I expected from just reading about it on the site. I was able to just use a single regex and get exactly what I needed instead of tons of ‘if’ statements that were only giving me dubious results. Keep up the good work!”

5 May 2008, North Carolina, USA

Adam Thompson

“Regarding your software: It is awesome. You hit all of the important features - I’m repeatedly impressed because it seems like you have ‘anticipated’ every good use of your software. For example, closing an empty EditPad Pro window doesn’t ask for a save. AceText, the entire application, is an another example; totally useful and well-designed. RegexBuddy accomplishes things I’ve never seen in any other regex software. I hope you’re making tons of money - you deserve it for these wonderful products you’ve produced. So far I’ve purchased RegexBuddy, then AceText, and soon EditPad Pro. I’m going to try PowerGREP just based on how useful your other software is.”

28 February 2008, California, USA

Hamish Mead

“I’ve been a registered user of RegexBuddy for 6 months or so - very helpful, many thanks! I used it to develop the regex’s used to reformat the text imported from another site at Prior to this project, I knew nothing about regex’s and couldn’t have completed it in the same time without the assistance of RegexBuddy.”

21 January 2008, United Kingdom

Robert Stehwien

“Today I finally purchased your software to help fix a bug in some lexer regular expressions. Within 5 minutes of deciding to purchase the bug was fixed. The tree view of the regex made it so easy to find the problem.”

29 November 2007, New Mexico, USA

Kevin Yancy

“Just wanted to say that I have been using RegexBuddy for 4 years now and I cannot even begin to calculate the time it has saved me. I often have had to write Java programs that were required to deal with unstructured, or at best, semi-structured data. Often from old legacy systems. I learned the power of regular expressions several years ago, but even after I had written hundreds of them I’d sometimes get stumped when I tried to come up with the expression needed to do some sort of complex text operation. I would often spend many fruitless hours trying to come up with an expression or expressions to do the job. I stumbled across RegexBuddy and after using the demo for only a few minutes, I immediately purchased it. It was like a God-send! Using it I can rapidly build even the most complex expressions and just as important, can test them right on the spot without having to compile some little test case or perform some similar time consuming hit and miss approach to developing the expression.”

“Just got my hands on version 3.x. So glad to see that this app just continues to get better. For any developer sharp enough to have realized the power of regular expressions, this is a *MUST HAVE* IMHO. For developers who haven’t, read a bit about regular expressions then buy RegexBuddy asap! Thx again for a killer product!”

2 October 2007, Tennessee, USA

Andre Artus

“I love the forum and cannot wait to see it expanded to EditPad and PowerGREP.”

“I’m a huge fan of Just Great Software products. This forum has in my mind made a great product even better.”

“Using RegexBuddy has improved my knowledge of regular expressions considerably. My thanks to Jan and the team, keep up the great work.”

“I prefer this type of forum over a web based one for one very simple reason: the ability to click on examples and have them open in the correct pane—no need to copy and paste.”

27 June 2007, South Africa

Sam Pinar

“This is just a courtesy email to let you guys know that RegexBuddy is not good. IT’S BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I am very glad a made this purchase. It is really helping me out at work (especially writing procmail recipes). Thank you for such great software.”

17 January 2013, Australia

Danny Schmanny

“I am using EditPad Pro (latest) and RegexBuddy (latest). Just a super job on your software. I hope you are making lots of money off your products because they are great (actually the best I’ve seen in their class).”

2 March 2012, Ohio, USA

Richard Benedict

“I just had to write to tell you how much I love this software. It has reduced my code by hundreds of lines, and simplified my code tremendously. And I’m still finding new things that it can do. Also, I’m becoming the ‘go to’ person for regular expressions. I don’t know what I’d do without it now. I’m constantly finding new uses for RegEx in my code.”

7 June 2011, Florida, USA

Patrick Stauffer

“I am just a PL/SQL database developer which has learned many years ago to work a little with egrep and awk on UNIX. Since a couple of days I tried to get more familiar with regular expressions which we need for some advanced string searches for a Data Mining project. That was really a pain in the a.. we just were struggling with trial and error methods.”

“After searching on Google I came across RegexBuddy. I was really skeptical about that utility, but now I would never give it back! This software is absolutely fantastic! It is great to work with it! I can test all my patterns in a very structured way, with stringent conditions or check out my ideas, which I picked up on the web. All our unstructured struggling is forever gone!”

26 August 2009, Switzerland

Jeremy Stein

“RegexBuddy is wonderful. I can’t believe how much time I wasted trying to debug regular expressions before I had it. And how much worse they were!”

“Ever time I find myself needing to write a regular expression, I find myself at first groaning inwardly, and then I remember I have RegexBuddy and I think, ‘Yes! I get to play with RegexBuddy today!’”

“Thanks for making a great product.”

12 June 2009, New York, USA

Geoff Akens

“I’ve just recent discovered and started using RegexBuddy. Thank you for this product! I’ve always struggled with regular expressions because I couldn’t keep the ‘stack’ in my head. RegexBuddy helps me visualize the regular expressions I’m working with and has really expanded my ability to use them. I’ve tried a number of similar products, and yours is tops. It’s worth every penny I paid for it!”

17 March 2009, Colorado, USA

Nicholas Dudfield

“Just another bit of fan mail. I was working on some gnarly regexes recently and I ain’t the most wizardly hacker this side of the cosmos. I realized that without RegexBuddy I would be completely at a loss. For the amount of time it’s saved and the fact that it’s unique in it’s ability to do so, I would have to say that it’s the best value piece of software I have ever purchased.”

“I can’t really imagine regexing without it these days. Especially handy when tinkering in a language that I’m not familiar with the regex syntax for.”

“create -> test -> use -> happy :)”

24 July 2008, Australia

Matt Saragusa

“Just wanted to let you know that RegexBuddy has an extreme return on investment ratio. This program saves a lot of time and also opens up new avenues to programming. I am an avid programmer and understand regular expressions fairly well, but it always took me time to think about how to go about the regular expression. With this program it’s an easy task and takes very little time! Thanks for the great program.”

29 April 2008, Louisiana, USA

Nathan Dawson

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful and useful your products have been in some of my company’s latest projects. RegexBuddy has been a real time saver, saving many many hours of frustration that would have been spent manually debugging things. Also, the built-in tutorials are worth the price of admission alone! It helped me bring my usage of regular expressions to the next level.

25 March 2008, North Carolina, USA

Mike Odom

“Hey Jan, as one independent software developer to another, thank you for an excellent product that helped turn a tedious and complicated task into something simple.”

8 December 2007, California, USA

Andrea Nagar

“Just a note. Your software rocks. I’ve tried a number of regex builder helper but yours is really astounding. You have a really fantastic piece of software. I love the way your software analyzes the expressions. Building a regex becomes a snap.”

4 August 2007, Italy

Tohir Solomons

“Thanks for considering my situation, and you deserve a commendation for excellent honest customer service.”

“RegexBuddy is one of those super time-saving programs, when frankly, you need to show results not labour. I’ve tried programs like kregexpeditor, visual regexp and kodos, and none of them comes close to the user-friendliness and easy learning curve of RegexBuddy.”

“Version 3 runs without a glitch on Ubuntu Edgy [using Wine], including copy-and-paste.”

25 June 2007, South Africa

Dominic Zukiewicz

“I’m a software developer using BizTalk to process XML files. Recently we have had a project where over 250’000 XMLs had to be parsed before processing. RegexBuddy not only helped simplify the process, but was able to help me to optimize my statements to clean up the data so that we could process them effectively and correctly.”

“Since using RegexBuddy, my Regular Expression skills have helped my career by becoming a knowledge source for regular expressions for within my office, and I get to still use it in my everyday work for complex find and replace expressions.”

14 June 2007, United Kingdom

Michael Chu

“I resisted buying RegexBuddy for the longest time (because I’m cheap and believed I could do it without a tool) but I’m so glad I did. Although, I can work out the regular expressions on my own, RegexBuddy has been a real time saving tool and makes thinking about and working with regular expressions a breeze. Now, on top of this great product, you’re extending my upgrade service to cover 3.0 (something that I’ve was actually a little concerned about when I bought the 2.x release) - well, this proves you’ve got not just a great product but also great customer orientation! Thanks a lot!”

13 June 2007, California, USA

Ton Geurts

“Ever since I started to use RegexBuddy is it in my top-3 of most valuable tools. I can’t imagine there has been a life without it :-) I am sure that with the new features RegexBuddy will definitely stay in my IT toolbox (IT = Indispensable Tools).”

13 June 2007, The Netherlands

Feedback about RegexBuddy 1.x and 2.x

Michael Flinder

“I am a RegexBuddy user and I must say it is closer to art than program. The documentation is so concise and readable it could be a product in itself. A joy to use, I wish I had more requirements for regular expressions.”

“Wishing you continued success.”

10 May 2007, New York, USA

Jeff Camozzi

“I just wanted to write to let you know that I absolutely love your product. I have been doing some extensive web work in the past few months that has required many different regular expressions. Some I could find in your libraries, some I had to create, but RegexBuddy has helped me easily work through the expressions I needed. Great job!”

27 March 2007, Minnesota, USA

Jack Dolby

“I purchased RegexBuddy some time back and find it a great help. But that isn’t why I’m so happy about my dealings with JGSoft. Here is why I’m happy:”

1. A low noise mailing list for JGSoft updates
2. An easy to use ‘check for updates’ from within the program
3. An easy way to see what the new update does from the same page that #2 takes me to
4. And a REALLY BIG one… Your installer tells me that the new version will overlay the old. With so many programs I use, I may or may not have to uninstall the old version first BUT the software or web page does not tell me which case applies. You make it easy to do right.

“There is no shortage of regex ‘helper’ programs out there, many of them free. I even use some of them from time to time.”

“Of course, the RegexBuddy features list is head and shoulders above them. But the biggest difference to me is the extra work JGSoft has done to make the end-to-end user experience as good as possible.”

“Thanks for the extra effort!”

4 March 2007, Virginia, USA

Jim Salmons

“Thank you for creating such an incredible collection of well integrated and most useful software applications. My first purchase which I have never regretted was a copy of RegexBuddy. I purchased this great product after becoming frustrated using EasyPatterns Helper. There is no comparison between RegexBuddy and EasyPatterns. I get real work done with RegexBuddy while EasyPatterns often leaves me confused and unsuccessful.”

“So it was a no-brainer to pick Editpad Pro and Ace Text to enhance my personal productivity. In less than a day I had no regrets about leaving my old standard Ultraedit behind.”

3 January 2007, Iowa, USA

Andrew Crawford

I just recently purchased RegexBuddy, and I’m very impressed with the quality and depth of the software. For the first time in a long time, I feel like a software package has surpassed my expectations, and has proven itself to be worth every penny paid.”

10 November 2006, Oregon, USA

Ralph Friedman

“Just a quick note to say that RegEx Buddy (and its companion PowerGREP) are programs that pay for themselves over and over again. Between them, they make many complex tasks trivial and I just keep finding new uses for both. Keep up the outstanding work.”

12 October 2006, Austria

Dale Barrett

“Thanks for a FANTASTIC tutorial and tool to learn RegEX. In the last 24 hours I’ve learned an incredible amount by going through your tutorial with RegexBuddy to experiment. It has enabled me to complete a project requiring complex extractions from web pages. Certainly not an expert - but proficient! A tool well worth the money.”

28 July 2006, Pennsylvania, USA

John Mullin

“Awesome. It paid for itself in minutes. If you are doing development with regular expressions, you need this program. John Mullin Ph.D. (Comp. Sci.)”

28 May 2006, United Kingdom

Jan-Christoph Ihrens

“I just bought RegexBuddy, and although I’m rather familiar with regexes, I like the program *very* much. Testing a complex regex is very easy now—much better than in ‘The Regex Coach’ that I used before. ;-) The Library is a fine thing, too.”

6 April 2006, Germany

Mike Wickenden

“I purchased RegexBuddy earlier today. Holy crap. I had no idea what I’ve been missing. The iteration data that RegexBuddy provides on the debug view is invaluable. Phenomenal job.”

“I’m processing recall and investigation data from the U.S. vehicle safety organization, the NHTSA. They’re in the dark ages in terms of data quality - lots of malformed text and to make matters worse, everything is all caps. To save visitors to my site the headache of reading all-caps text, I wrote a text formatter that applies about 20 expressions to roughly 200 MB of text data. Your program is infinitely useful in optimizing the process.

“Thanks again - can’t say how much I appreciate your work.”

9 March 2006, Vermont, USA

Tom Bates

“I just have to tell you that I’m blown away by RegexBuddy. This is the program I would have written if a) I’d had the time, b) I’d had the brains, and c) I’d had the confidence to get involved in software sales.”

“I am a contract programmer, and RegexBuddy has joined a select few essential programs in my toolbox. The user interface is simply superb. Every time I think of something else I’d like from the program, I just have to look a little further for that feature - it’s always there.”

“I hope this program is giving you a good income. I’ve turned several people on to this program already and I will continue to do so.”

“I think I’m a good programmer and a good interface designer too. You’re WAY ahead of me. I am in awe!”

3 March 2006, Pennsylvania, USA

André Berg

“I am a big fan of your software Regex Buddy, it is truly just great software. Although I knew a bit regex beforehand, it makes life so much simpler. The nice price also played a big role in the decision-making process. Thank you for that.”

27 January 2006, Germany

Rodney Orourke

“I can see why JGsoft is such a successful company because you have shown me by ‘wowing the customer’ in your taking time to offer this help to me.”

“JGsoft stands head and shoulders above most companies in your industry. It is refreshing to know there are organizations out there that genuinely care about their customers like JGsoft.”

20 January 2006, Georgia, USA

Alberto dos Santos

“I am writing these lines out of cheer respect for your work.

“I have used RegexBuddy to work out a problem I had on an international project I work with called The Daily Gospel, with Bible references that were malformed and caused application problems. We have 120.000+ subscribers and RegexBuddy saved the day with a piece of PHP code I made with RegexBuddy.”

8 June 2005, Portugal

Tony Hicks

“Your software is simply the most useful software on my computer. This software has helped me script regexes in everything from ColdFusion, to JavaScript to just EVERYTHING.”

“Regexes that I tried years ago, that noone seemed to know how to do, this software has helped me do myself. Considering that my alternatives would be spending hours and hours writing blocks of code to do one regex line’s worth, or subcontracting work to someone experienced in it. I can’t tell you how much money it has saved me.”

“Thank you very much.”

25 May 2005, Arkansas, USA

Mike Powell

“I’m sure you’ve received many similar emails, but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed using RegexBuddy.”

“I’ve been (and still am) a regex novice for some time now, using them here and there for input validation, etc. But just today I finished a fairly major screen-scraping sort of utility that I’ll be using soon to backfill a database with much of the text from our current static-HTML website. I would never have even attempted something like this without regular expressions, and RegexBuddy was indispensible in creating and tuning the sometimes-complicated regexes it required. What I learned today, both from the application and the excellent regex tutorial in the PDF manual, will also be useful in the future I’m sure.”

“Thanks again, and keep up the good work!”

28 April 2005, Virginia, USA

Joel Limardo

“I have been coding in Perl for years and had always found coding a new regex to be a tedious task. Not anymore! This product is downright awesome.”

23 March 2005, Illinois, USA

Günter Schenk

“After having tested RegexBuddy (1/2 hour was enough for getting convinced :-) I got it straight -- this software belongs to the most important and indispensable ‘new tools’ for programmers !! You have to have it, if you´re in need of composing custom regexes on a regular basis -- great workflow, great assembling, secure debugging. Wonderful folks, you´ve now managed to give everyone an easy access to one of the most ‘professional secrets’ of programming!”

5 February 2005, Germany

Mike Danielski

“I just found that you released a new version [2.0] of RegexBuddy. I just started playing with it, and I have to say I didn’t think that RegexBuddy could have been improved on.. guess I was wrong!”

“I just wanted to say Thanks for making some fantastic software. I have RegexBuddy, PowerGREP and EditPad Pro. They have really helped me along in my custom programming business and I eagerly await each new release to see what other cool features you can add :)”

28 January 2005, Arizona, USA

Russell Alexander

“Your RegexBuddy saved me about 3 hours recently. I usually spend at least an hour searching through for Regex examples to piece together when I need one. No more! Fire up the buddy .. Type in some text .. Click a few tabs and PRESTO .. It’s written for me .. Even has the Var names to match my code .. Very nice.”

“With just one use, well worth the $29.95 three and four times over, in the time it saved me.”

15 January 2005, Texas, USA

Naveen Thakur

“I’m very pleased with this purchase despite not having a demo to try.”

“Fantastic product! I don’t require regular expressions on a daily basis but when I do this tool is unbeatable. I’ve thankfully exchanged hours of frustrated, fiddling around with regexps for a few minutes with the easy to use RegexBuddy. The instant feedback and well thought out functionality are just so useful. This is a precise tool for a precise job - if you don’t deal with regular expressions then you don’t need this tool, but if you do…..then it’s a MUST have.”

19 November 2004, United Kingdom

Jeff Atwood

“First of all fantastic tool! Better than anything else currently out there that I’ve tried. The fast real-time match highlighting is so productive! And a great informative tutorial too.”

1 July 2004, North Carolina, USA

Brian Gillham

“Your product is fantastic. It is really helping me to get to grips with regular expressions.”

10 May 2004, South Africa

Dave Morin

“I just purchased RegexBuddy and can’t be happier. The documentation and tutorial is worth the price alone. Thanks for a great software product that simply does what it says!”

6 June 2007, New Hampshire, USA

Fabian Schulz

“I bought a license of RegexBuddy about a month ago and totally love it! I’m a PHP developer and creating even complex regular expressions in RegexBuddy is a breeze…”

“The software is really worth every penny - keep up the great work!”

10 April 2007, South Africa

Rudy Van Bree

“You may have heard this before but I just want to tell you myself. Your tool rocks (as much rocking as you can do with geeky tools).”

“I am not a novice programmer ( 25+ years ) and generally handy with regex but I could not figure out how to do something that has bugged me for days. It took me 15 minutes with your tool.”

“The best 30 bucks I have spent in quite a while.”

20 March 2007, Utah, USA

Mick Grove

“I have to say that RegexBuddy is an invaluable tool. It is by far the best regular expression tool that I have ever used. I used to waste time trying to debug my Perl regex’s using tons of simple ‘print’ statements. All that is gone and I definitely now have a better understanding of the more advanced features of regular expressions thanks to this tool.”

“The best part of RegexBuddy is that I can enter a regex that I wrote in Perl, and can easily convert it to a different language. Sometimes the only option I have is to use VBScript, and being able to quickly and easily convert my Perl regex to VBScript is a huge timesaver.”

“I also love the ‘Comment with RegexBuddy’s regex tree’ feature. Adding this regex explanation to my code really helps the uninitiated understand what I’ve done, and makes my code easier to maintain.”

“Oh, and lastly, THANK YOU for TPerlRegex. I’m learning Delphi (for Win32) and I couldn’t live without your TPerlRegex component.”

“I’m a registered user of the product and I tell every person that will listen about regular expressions and your product.”

22 January 2007, Iowa, USA

Brandon Burrell

“I just first want to say what a great application this is…it has saved me vast amounts of time and works so incredibly well. I am able to put together regexes in minutes and test them at the same time with real data, which would normally take hours.”

“I don’t use it every single day, but when I need it, I REALLY need it!”

3 November 2006, Georgia, USA

Andrei Klotchkov

“I purchased RegexBuddy a year or so ago and I use it all the time with Perl. I just wanted to tell you that it’s a very good product!”

27 September 2006, Alabama, USA

Arnold Daniels

“I’m very pleased with RegexBuddy, so please put this testimonial on your website.”

“I had written some complex regular expressions which worked fine when a match was found. But when subject could not be matched it took a lot of time, up to 200ms, to return a result.”

“RegexBuddy’s debugger quickly showed me the expression caused catastrophic backtracking and allowed to find source of the problem. The same debugger also showed me how to greatly improve performance in other expressions.”

“I could simply never have done this without this tool.”

11 August 2006, The Netherlands

Kevin Mask

“This software is a absolute TIME SAVER! And is really an educational tool! The pre-written email regular expression and discussion is better than anything I’ve found on the web!”

“I buy a lot of labor saving software and I have to say this is probably the best value I’ve ever gotten. You can use my testimony if you like.”

“You get a first rate reg exp education and the library alone is worth 10 times the price. Really, if you think about how long it would take to analyze a regular expression and take into account your hourly rate (even if paid by the job) you will see that this product is easily worth $100 or more. Actually it is worth about $500, but because of the poor reputation of this kind of software, the highest perceived value for a ‘small’ program like this is about $100. The tragedy for you guys is that it is worth a LOT more.”

31 May 2006, California, USA

Dan Walker

“I’ve been bragging on this product to my co-workers and IT friends, ESPECIALLY regarding the ‘helpful help’ and tutorials (my redundant phrase indicating that, unlike some help systems, ‘helpful help’ means it really does help)! This product eliminates the need for a book, although the recommendations and advice you give are outstanding. It’s good to see someone in this industry providing killer tools like this. Keep it up!”

25 March 2006, Florida, USA

Tim Gallagher

“I am really enjoying using your program, and before this, I hated regular expressions. Now, I’ve gone over to the dark side, and I love them.”

2 March 2006, Kansas, USA

Gary Winey

“I am a .Net developer with a decent working knowledge of regular expressions. I have found RegexBuddy to be an incredible tool because its debugging features allow me to tinker with a pattern until it works correctly with my actual data. Its graphical nature allows me to build a pattern a piece at a time and see what is working and not working. This empowers me to use regular expression methods such as Split or Replace to greatly simplify my code in places where I would otherwise need to do extensive byte by byte loops. Besides being an outstanding value for the money, email tech support is outstanding! Additionally, the tutorial itself is worth the price of the product. If you only use regular expressions once in 5 years this product would still be an outstanding value for your money!”

23 February 2006, Indiana, USA

Jediah Logiodice

“Thank you very much for RegexBuddy. Not only did it save me a lot of work; but more importantly it has helped me learn to read & write regular expressions through its easy to use interface and debugging functionality.”

“It really was worth it (wasn’t so sure when i first bought it).”

20 September 2005, Maine, USA

Ben Dalton

“I don’t normally write and rave about a product that I’ve purchased. However, I usually don’t get a chance to use a product as awesome as RegexBuddy!”

“RegexBuddy has become an invaluable tool in my day-to-day life. I can’t even comprehend how much time and energy RegexBuddy has saved me!”

“I just wanted to thank you for a great product. The software has been instrumental in me learning regular expressions. Although I don’t use the software quite as much as I did initially, I find the ‘Use’ section to be very cool and well, useful.”

“Keep up the good work!”

9 August 2005, Indiana, USA

Brett Gmoser

“I purchased RegexBuddy about a week ago after having read through your excellent tutorial. It has been the single most useful piece of software I’ve ever purchased, I could not imagine creatibg complicated regular expressions without it.”

28 April 2005, New York, USA

Mark Vedder

“I want to say thanks for a great application. RegexBuddy has helped me tremendously in learning regular expressions. This has greatly enhanced my skill set as a developer. Knowing the value, power and efficiency of regex, I have attempted to learn regex before. However, it was always an attempt to learn too much at one time and I usually forget much of it shortly after learning it. This resulted in creating even the simplest regular expression to be an ordeal of looking things up in a reference book as I pain staking created (and tested) a regex token by token, often taking far too much of my valuable time.”

“RegexBuddy has allowed me to learn one area or token type at a time, giving me support & feedback while doing so. At the same time, I can still confidently create complex Regular Expressions that use tokens that I have not yet learned or do not use frequently. RegexBuddy’s token-by-token creating model, instant visual feedback, and testing capability make creating even complex regular expressions simple and straightforward, allowing me to create complex regular expressions quickly & confidently. Moreover, I am learning regex syntax while doing such. I can easily say I have learned and retained more about regex use and syntax after a few hours of actual use of RegexBuddy then I did in two to three time as much time spent reading about them. This is simply because I am the type of person that learns best by doing, and then receiving instant feedback.”

“The increased confidence and familiarity of Regular Expressions that RegexBuddy has given me has led me to use them more frequently in my daily work. It has increased the efficiency of my applications, and my daily productivity. So much so, that it led me to purchase your PowerGREP application. Lastly, RegexBuddy has the outstanding quality and usability I have come to expect from JGSoft. (In addition to RegexBuddy, I own and use regularly, EditPad Pro, AceText, and now PowerGREP.)”

“Thanks again for a great application that does what it promises, and does it well, while being a joy to use.”

2 May 2005, New York, USA

Bill Allaire

“I finally got a chance to install [RegexBuddy 2.0] and use it for the first time since I downloaded the upgrade. My jaw dropped. The quality of the help files really stands out. The debug feature is great for me as I don’t use regular expressions day in and day out.”

“I’m so happy with this product I’m evaluating EditPad Pro and considering moving from Ultra Edit.”

2 February 2005, Rhode Island, USA

Peter Morris

“I would just like to thank you for two pieces of great software - RegexBuddy and EditPad Pro. I’m a little dense sometimes, but I’m finding these tools a wonderful way to learn about regular expressions. You are a very good teacher.”

20 January 2005, Connecticut, USA

David Shannon

“RegexBuddy is a great tool! I’ve always shied away from using regexes because they are so hard to create and test, but with RegexBuddy I’ve been able to do some things that would have taken hundreds of hours of programming in VB.NET, if I could have done them at all.”

“RegexBuddy has completely changed my feeling about regexes and has saved me huge amounts of time. I like your price structure, but this tool is worth much more than what I paid for it.”

13 December 2004, Arizona, USA

Andreas Pizsa

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love RegexBuddy. It has already saved me a huge amount of time. The license already paid for itself!”

30 September 2004, Austria

Brandon Parise

“My hats are off to you guys! Your RegexBuddy is a GODSEND!”

“I use this program probably 10 times per day when developing applications in PHP. It is great because it not only describes and outlines regexes, but teaches you along the way. Just wanted to drop you a line from this very satisfied customer!”

29 September 2004, South Carolina, USA

Garry Davlin

“I would like to thank you for a terrific product. The very first time I really needed to use regular expressions, RegexBuddy saved me hours of work. Plus, the code using regular expressions is far more elegant than doing it with standard string find and replace routines.”

4 August 2004, Oregon, USA

Vincent Vercauteren


“RegexBuddy is exactly the extra tool I needed. It takes away my uncertainty as a regex (PowerGREP) user.

“Regexes are extremely powerful, but RegexBuddy shows quite well that their complexity can be tamed without degrading their performance!”

5 May 2004, Belgium

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