Insert a Shorthand Character Class

The Insert Token button on the Create panel makes it easy to insert shorthand character classes without having to remember the exact letter for the shorthand. See the Insert Token help topic for more details on how to build up a regular expression via this menu.

A shorthand character class matches a single character from a specific set of characters. Most regex flavors offer shorthands for digits, word characters, and whitespace. You can insert shorthand character classes directly into the regular expression, or inside a character class.

RegexBuddy supports the following shorthands. The actual characters that each shorthand matches depend on the application. No application supports all of these, as \h indeed appears twice in the list with two different meanings.

If an application does not support a particular shorthand, then the menu item for this shorthand may generate alternative syntax such as a POSIX class or a Unicode category. Or, the item may be disabled.

Insert a shorthand character class