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Feedback about RegexBuddy 4.x

Russ Tanner

“Absolutely awesome software. So helpful when building regular expressions, well thought out, amazing attention to detail. Such a time-saver. Thanks!”

3 December 2019, Maine, USA

Mikko Laiho

“RegexBuddy 4 is an amazing tool for working with regular expressions! Earlier composing regular expressions was a PITA but now a breeze without going around try and fail circle several times.”

6 November 2018, Finland

Clay Cundick

“Learning regular expressions thoroughly with RegexBuddy has been one of the most useful computing things I’ve ever done. And though I’m getting very fast with 90% of the regexes I do, there always seems to be one that I still want to paste into RegexBuddy to find quickly what error I made.”

31 December 2016, Utah, USA


“I’ve been one of RegexBuddy’s many rabid fans for a while now. Simply put, RegexBuddy may be the only program you’ll ever need to create and test your regular expressions, whichever programming language and regex engine you use.”

“I set out with the goal of writing a thorough review of a product I know intimately. A week later, I ended up with something that feels more like a second manual.”

1 November 2016, Earth

Joel Bodenmann

“I’m just starting with regex which is the main reason for my interest in RegexBuddy which turned out to be a huge help so far. ;) We also managed to write our custom code generator. RegexBuddy really is an impressive piece of software. Please keep it up!”

“As we are deeply impressed by RegexBuddy we also want to give EditPad Pro a shot.”

14 March 2016, Switzerland

Owen Duffy

“Just downloading the latest update for RegexBuddy, I thought I would drop you a note of thanks and well done.”

“I have used it for some years, and it has been good value, and I often recommend it to others (especially correspondents writing about my blog articles and asking ‘how did you do that’… well even power RE users find RegexBuddy very productive and dummies more so).”

2 July 2015, Australia

Graham Douglas

“As a licensed user of RegexBuddy and RegexMagic I just have to write to you to say what fantastic tools they are. I use them daily and they save me hours of work. I also put up a short blog post in praise of these tools. Thanks for writing such superbly designed and engineered software!”

6 September 2014, United Kingdom

Jason Wells

“I installed RegexBuddy after spending about two hours trying to figure out why my .NET code was throwing an exception saying that my regex had too many ‘)’s. The actual problem was that I had started a comment with (#? instead of (?# several lines previously. RegexBuddy, of course, would have made that clear in about one minute (as I verified after installing it). I also like that it automatically adapted its display colors to my High Contrast Black setting.”

15 April 2014, Washington, USA

Daniel Maltarollo

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tools and your good support. I’m a proud user of licensed copies of EditPad Pro and RegexBuddy and it’s always really nice to see your commitment to these tools and get constant and relevant updates. Thank you for your great support.”

24 December 2013, Brazil

Joshua Coppersmith

“RegexBuddy is to regex what the pocket calculator was to arithmetic. And the painstaking improvements in ‘flavors’ is admirable.”

18 September 2013, Kansas, USA—later:

“This is one of those very rare programs that makes me laugh—a different sort of laugh, that shake your head and grin laugh—for the mysterious reason that is a combination of intrigue for the subject and respect for those articulating it. Having studied Jeffrey’s book I thought, ‘Ok, now…gasp…it’s time to start using all this.’ But with RegexBuddy I have basically no fear. Oddly, not because the program ‘does it for me,’ (even with RegexMagic) but because I can co-discover with the program what I’m trying to say ‘in Regex.’ Thus, I play, I learn. I need a regex for a meta function on a website, I learn. It is to regex what the best language learning courses are to natural language.”

“I guess I gotta say using this is something of a thrill. And for my part, much safer than roller coasters.”

2 November 2013, Kansas, USA


“I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I love PowerGREP & RegexBuddy. Your flexible design to allow such diverse usage is unparalleled and much appreciated. I also greatly appreciate your direct support through the forums.”

16 November 2018, Australia

Marty Pinter

“I have used RegexBuddy for a few years now and really love it. Moreover, I find that the regular expressions tutorial and reference book is better than anything else I’ve been able to find.”

13 March 2018, Georgia, USA

Amir Khamis

“I have been advertising your product all over the place and I hope you will get new users. We use RegEx at Splunk extensively and your product makes my life super easy.”

27 October 2016, Michigan, USA

Walter Pelowski

“RegexBuddy saves me from the one of the things I hate the most, remembering syntax. I can usually get 75% of the way there in writing a regular expression by hand, but I’ve got better things to keep in my head than to remember the syntax for creating a positive or negative lookahead or lookbehind. Additionally, RegexBuddy’s ability to translate regular expressions into the syntax for multiple languages and Regex flavors saves a lot of time. I also love the ability to create my own libraries of commonly used regexs so that I can save time in the future. The feature that makes the most difference to me however is the ‘Test’ tab. In creating a regex, it’s almost more important that I don’t overmatch, than undermatch and the ability to test my regexs against a representative dataset helps me to feel confident I did things correctly. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!”

22 August 2016, Michigan, USA

Kai Jaeger

“First I bought your two RegEx related application, now I have donated 50 EUR. That tells you how much I value your work.”

“I am an experienced programmer, freelancer since 1980 and still very much active. I never had any use for RegEx beyond some very basic stuff which I grasped by googling without really understanding what I was doing.”

“Recently I needed some sophisticated RegEx expressions, and for that, well, surprisingly it turned out that I really need to understand what I am doing. With your [products’] help I mastered that relatively quickly.”

“Mastering the job I mean, not becoming a master of RegEx expressions. That will probably take a bit longer. ;)”

21 March 2016, United Kingdom

Paul Nystrom

“I have used RegExBuddy and EditPad Pro for years. Yes, there have been occasional bugs. Jan (and the user community) have always been very responsive and helpful.”

“What I find, much more often, is that I am amazed at the power and flexibility of these tools. Jan has done a fantastic job of anticipating my needs and building those features before I need them.”

“I use a wide variety of tools—both purchased and open-source. Jan has provided the best support of any of them and I really appreciate the ‘one person’s design’ of the tools.”

1 May 2014, California, USA

Janko Heilgeist

“I bought PowerGREP and RegexBuddy in January to use them at my workplace. I work as a software engineer and have used both tools about once or twice per week since: PowerGREP to collect and analyze pieces of legacy code and refactor repetitious structures; RegexBuddy to rewrite and convert complex regular expressions. Both tools have saved me lots of hours of manual searching and rewriting of code or debugging regular expressions. I love them!!”

25 February 2014, Germany

Daniel Marohn

“My done code so far can be clearly divided into pre and post RegexBuddy times. I knew all about regexes before and used them if needed, but without RegexBuddy, debugging took longer than writing code. After buying RegexBuddy I use regexes wherever useful, reduce code and finally have time for real business logic.”

7 February 2008, Germany—5 years later:

“I bought RegexBuddy 5 years ago. I think there are less than 30 working days than since, that I did not use it. I got all the free updates/bugfixes over the years and finally asked myself: WHY? I was more than willing to pay for updates after two years or so but it was always free. This is really fair and best practice for consumer satisfaction.”

“As a coder I know that a software is never ‘finished’. But I always thought that regexbuddy 3 is as closed as possible to this state. When I got your mail about version 4 I was surprised. You really managed to add THIS lot of valuable things under the hood; leaving the interface intact—I am really impressed. Coding is one thing, concurrently knowing about UX a complete other.”

1 August 2013, Germany

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