Insert a Replacement Text Token

RegexBuddy makes it easy to build replacement texts without having to remember every detail of the complex replacement text syntax.

To insert a token into the replacement text when defining a Replace action, right-click in the editor box for the replacement text at the spot where you want to insert the token. This will move the cursor to that position, and show the context menu. In the context menu, select Insert Token.

When analyzing a replacement text on the Create panel, you can easily designate the spot where you want to insert the token. Click on a token in the replacement text tree, and the new token will be inserted right after it. Click on the Insert Token button on the toolbar or press Alt+I on the keyboard to access the Insert Token menu. The Insert Token button and Alt+I alternate between showing regular expression tokens and replacement text tokens depending on which of the editor boxes for the regular expression and replacement text or which of the trees on the Create panel most recently had keyboard focus.

List of Replacement Text Tokens

The Insert Token menu offers the following items. Note that depending on the replacement text flavor that you’re working with, certain items may not be available, or may insert different tokens into the replacement text. Some replacement flavors don’t offer certain features, or use a different syntax. The Subject left of match item, for example, is often disabled because many applications don’t support this feature. Perl and Ruby do, but with different syntax. For Perl this item inserts $‘ while for Ruby it inserts \‘.

Literal text
Non-printable character
8-bit character
Unicode character
Matched Text
Last Backreference
Subject Left of Match
Subject Right of Match
Whole Subject